Welcome to the METIS SOLUTIONS ethics page. On this page you will find critical information about the METIS ethics program including the METIS Ethics policy and contact information for the METIS Ethics Officer, Deputy Ethics Officer and ethics hotline.

A copy of METIS’s ethics policy is available here.

Key METIS Ethics Contact Information:

METIS ethics program e-mail address (for any ethics questions or reports of ethics issues):

METIS Ethics Officer:

Adam Cook (General Counsel)


METIS Deputy Ethics Officer:

Nicole Peace (HR Director)


METIS Third Party Ethics Hotline (allows for 24-hour anonymous reporting of ethics issues):

Online Reporting:

Telephone: (833) 480-0010 (English) | (800) 216-1288 (Spanish) | (800) 603-2869 (International)

E-mail: (include METIS’s’s name in your report)

Fax: (215) 689-3885 (include METIS’s name with report)