• Capabilities

    METIS offers a wide variety of services to help solve your hardest problems. Check out what Metis can do for you.

At METIS SOLUTIONS, LLC, our senior leadership and subject matter experts work hand-in-hand with customers to meet their mission-critical needs across the globe. Having performed on complex requirements in over 37 countries, we understand that the right solution is the one that is part of an overall strategy that achieves our client's goals. To meet your needs, we customize each solution to surpass expectations. 

METIS' core areas are categorized into three areas: 

  1. Intelligence and Security
  2. Education and Training
  3. Intelligence Operations

We have a vast amount of experience in all of our sore areas as well as premiere personnel to assist in your mission. Our personnel are well known for their ability to problem solve - we have had direct roles in some of the hardest issues at the highest levels: intelligence operations execution and planning, military and defense strategic advice and planning, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, risk management, foreign weapons sales and acquisitions, and homeland defense.

METIS is sure to solve even your hardest problem.