• Navy SeaPort NxG

    METIS is actively working various engagements with the Navy and Marine Corps. METIS offers strength and flexibility, as well as various documented capabilities.

METIS was selected as a Prime Contractor on the Navy’s SeaPort-e contract vehicle and is actively working various engagements with the Navy and Marine Corps. METIS offers strength and flexibility, as well as documented capabilities in research and development; Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis Support; Program Support and Public Affairs and Multimedia Support.

Areas of Expertise for SeaPort

  • Research and Development Support (SOW 3.1)
  • Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation, and Analysis Support (SOW 3.3)
  • Program Support (SOW 3.20)
  • Public Affairs and Multimedia Support (SOW 3.22)

Quality Assurance Program

We characterize the METIS quality system as “Confirmed Quality” — meaning quality that is confirmed, audited, monitored, and disciplined, from the quality policies established by executive management to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and process instructions (PIs) followed by all employees throughout METIS. Regardless of type of product or service, we universally define quality as “Conformance with Specifications.” This is a measurable approach to quality assessment that complies with ISO 9001:2008 standards. With this understanding of what quality really is (as opposed to subjective evaluations), we build quality into our products and services through consistent application of the following principles:

  1. Absolute clarity of task specifications and goals.
  2. Comprehensive and precise planning, including SOPs and PIs.
  3. Training and formal qualification of employees for the tasks they will perform.
  4. Process discipline, confirmed by audits, evaluations, and trending.

These four principles apply to engineering design and development as well as to production, installation, modernization, and life-cycle support, and they will minimize costly delays and rework. METIS’ documented, mature, and proven quality management policies, principles and practices will provide to you the same “Confirmed Quality” that we have given the many organizations we have supported and METIS will continue to, produce recognizable cost savings in the avoidance of expensive delays and rework.